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Once Upon a Time: so many questions remain unanswered.

Season three has almost entirely been focused on Neverland. I’ve liked this arc so far, however, I wish they would check in more with the others as well. You have a few huge cliffhangers that have not be addressed and it feels like we’ve just forgot about them.

First of all, you have the whole drama between Mulan/Aurora/Phillip. Mulan was ready to admit her true feelings when Aurora gave her the shock of a lifetime. I really hope we address this storyline again. Mulan leaves heartbroken and joins Robin Hood’s troop. Will Mulan ever get to admit her true feelings and how will Aurora/Phillip feel about Mulan leaving them?

Speaking of Robin Hood, Robin Hood is apparently Regina’s true love. When/How will they ever meet? That whole arc seemed like one and done. I’m curious how they will continue with that. I feel like it wouldn’t be too popular with fans if they ever got together, but you never know.

Ruby and Dr. Whale have been noticeably absent from Storybrooke for a while. How will there absences be explained? Ruby was mentioned in Dark Hollow suggesting she’s still alive somewhere. Maybe her and Dr. Whale ran away together. Who knows. Also, Cora faked Archie’s death with someone else. Will we ever learn who that was? Could it be one of them? I’d have to re-watch season 2 to see if they were seen after this episode. My guess would be that they would be so this theory would not work.

So those are some questions I have right now. Bye for now, folks.


Neverending Land of Neverland

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for the gang to finally leave Neverland AND NEXT WEEK WE FINALLY GO BACK TO STORYBROOKE. I might be a little too excited for this, but we haven’t really seen our friends back home since season 2. Team 7 will be back along with Belle and the rest of the folks back home. We’ll get to see how they’re handling their fearless leaders’ absence. I’m curious to see how life is going. Are they accepting life in Storybrooke or are they attempting to find a way home themselves? Are they bitter towards the gang for abandoning them or do they understand? So many possibilities.

I really enjoyed the majority of last week’s episode. Hook’s confession was perfection as well as Emma’s. I love how we able to see Hook’s true character and really understand how he became the person he is today. I don’t really know how I feel about Hook and Emma together. I can’t ever picture it lasting, but I also can’t picture Hook with anyone else (except myself… just kidding… sort of).

Regina and Rumple’s partnership is going to be good. These two are my favorite characters. Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle portrays these characters so well. It is absolutely unbelievable. I can’t even begin to explain how fabulous I think they are. They are complete bad asses with that hint of sass that makes them perfect.

Someone suggested to me recently of a Regina/Rumple power couple. That’s too complicated for me. Imagine how that changes Henry’s family tree and if Hook/Emma get together. This show is like a mini soap opera in the family tree department. I also prefer Rumple with Belle, so yeah.

Once Upon a Time can be pretty corny at times, but that’s part of the reason I enjoy the show if that makes any sense at all. The ‘corniness’ of the flashback scenes play to its fairytale nature. I really can’t help but laugh at some of the Snow/Charming scenes// I mean, some of them are so over exaggerated. Snow White is sort of getting on my nerves as well. I can’t quite take her serious anymore and her deep dark secret seemed to nice. It was just kind of lame and I was expecting a lot more. She’s just too nice and perfect all the time, it’s getting kind of corny. Then again, that does make sense for her character so I’m sort of neutral.

So that’s my thoughts so far after watching last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time. I’ll be back again next week and we’ll see how all of this pans out.