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Once Upon a Time in Neverland?

So, Season 3 of Once Upon a Time has been predominately set in Neverland so far. While I am really enjoying this arc, I miss seeing the other characters as well. I really hope we can see what’s happening in Storybrooke right now. Their leaders have left them there without ever saying goodbye and only Belle can explain the situation to them. They’re also all stuck away from their true home and their only real chance of returning home was with the people who abandoned them. I really want to see how they are holding up and how they feel about the situation. Are they accepting their new lives in Storybrooke or trying to come with their own new plan to return back to the Enchanted Forest? It seems like the show just abandoned the rest of their characters and are only focusing on the stars. Also, I really want to see more of Mulan/Phillip/Aurora saga. You have this whole new twist and then fail to come back to that. You just can’t leave me hanging like that. Not cool.

I’m also curious where the writers are going to go with the show after Neverland. Apparently, Charming can no longer leave, but I can’t imagine the show set in Neverland forever. It’s just getting old fast. I just want them to find Henry/Neal/Rumple and leave. I’m just getting bored and want something new.

Well, that’s my Once Upon a Time rant for today. Let’s see how Sunday’s episode pans out… (ha).


Finding Neverland

Tonight’s the season premiere Once Upon a Time (and the series finale of Breaking Bad, but that’s a totally different story). I can’t help but be incredibly excited for this premiere. There are so many different directions for this show to go in and some many stories that still need to be addressed. We left off with our friends boarding the Jolly Roger off to Neverland. Obviously, it won’t e smooth sailing, but they are confined to such small quarters they won’t be able to kill each other. Maybe, this will spark some new friendships or maybe romances? Captain Hook is beautiful… I mean who couldn’t agree with that. Regina and Emma are both single and so is he… In reality, I’m not sure how I would feel about either of them with him. It’s hard to imagine Regina in a relationship for some reason. I don’t know. Henry already has too many parental figures in his life. We don’t need anymore complications.

I really hope we still see a lot of Storybrooke this season. I love some of the characters still left there. I have a soft spot for the dwarves since they’re so chill on twitter. I really hope we get to see more of them. We also have Belle who was once again separated from Mr. Gold. She’ll need to make some new friends in Storybrooke to keep her mind off of him. Speaking of the dwarves again, I’m really hoping for a Grumpy/Blue Fairy reunion, but I like Grumpy as Grumpy and not dreamy. I also still miss Stealthy he was chill. We should have a dwarf backstory episode that goes through all of there backstories. Why Sneezy’s always sneezing and how Happy could always be so happy. Je ne sais pas. I’m just super excited this show is coming back. It just makes a Disney fan like me pretty happy.

Bye for now.