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The Plan

Okay, so I plan on organizing these into two categories: general replies and favorite colors. I may organize it more into actors/actresses from specific shows, athletes, and musicians. I’m not entirely sure yet. My next two posts will be a list off all the people I’ve gotten replies from so far. I’ll do specific posts later with pictures of the tweets and other fun things. Yeah, so here goes nothing!


What’s your favorite color?


My name is Coley and I’m a college student currently on summer break. With 4 months off from school, I decided I needed a project. So, I decided to take to twitter. Twitter is probably the easiest and quickest way for celebrities to interact with their fans and vice versa. My goal for the summer is to get as many celebrities as possible to tweet me their favorite color. I’m quite biased into who I ask and it consists of well-known and lesser known actors/actresses as well as athletes. I’m also open to taking suggestions as to who I should ask. If you’d like to follow my project, follow me on twitter at @coley3354 and I will gladly answer any questions. Have a fabulous day and feel free to leave your favorite color as a comment!